Tom Moore

Well known for his maximalist style, Tom Moore is one of Australia’s most respected glass artists. Originally from Canberra, he began his career in glass at the Canberra School of Art, ANU, and went on to undertake an Associateship at JamFactory in 1995 under the mentorship of Nick Mount.

Jacob’s Ladder, 2014
Hot joined blown and solid glass

Working with blown and hot-sculpted glass, he is a creator of fantastical worlds inhabited by unusual and hybrid creatures. Part animal, part plant and part machine, his characters are exhibited within elaborate constructed environments, in which they act out surreal narratives. Underpinning his work is a concern for the physical world, translated through stories of the triumph of nature over industry and the recurring motif of sprouting green fronds.

Moore is a technically rigorous glass maker, both as a production glass blower (having worked as JamFactory’s Glass Studio Production Manager for the past 15 years), and within his sculptural practice. Drawn to the seemingly impossible intricacy of Venetian glass techniques, he creates patterns in twisted glass cane. The changeable nature of glass is key to how he creates his complex patterns: the coloured glass is heated, applied and fused to the liquid clear glass, then twisted, stretched, cut and re-joined, before becoming part of a sculpture. Challenging himself as a craftsperson, Moore has become a specialist in the field of ancient and obscure Venetian techniques.



A skilled educator Moore has undertaken residencies and presented numerous workshops throughout Australia the USA and Japan. In 2013 he won both the Tom Malone Prize for contemporary glass artists from the Art Gallery of Western Australia and the Ranomok Prize.