Nicholas Folland

Nicholas Folland is an artist primarily producing sculptural works and installations. Before studying visual arts at the University of South Australia he originally enrolled in Human Environments (now known as Interior Architecture), following a specific interest in theatre design. Influences of these early interests remain present in his work today, and he describes his larger installations as ‘theatre without actors’.

Untitled, 2014

Folland is interested in spatial practices and increasingly engaged in creating site-specific works for residential and commercial spaces. Most of these have been based to some extent on previous exhibition works, and on several projects he has worked collaboratively with his architect brother Mark Folland.

Glass has been an important recurring material in Folland’s work, in which he re-interprets the ordinary and banal to create poetic statements alluding to personal and shared identities. The majority of the glass used in his work is ready-made and sourced from op-shops and flea markets.

In Untitled, 2014, the singular and self-contained form typical of chandeliers is multiplied within this accumulation, forming a cloud or mirage before and above us, the refracting crystals blurring the edge of our perception. It's still an arrangement of chandeliers, but it's also, possibly, some other thing that we've seen before, just not quite like this.

After graduating from the University of South Australia in 1999, Folland was awarded a prestigious Samstag Scholarship, which enabled him to study in Rotterdam and Barcelona. He completed a Masters degree at the University of Sydney in 2009, and is currently Head of Contemporary Studies at Adelaide Central School of Art.