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1 Bligh Street 2011
Sydney, New South Wales

Working in association with Ingenhoven Architects (Germany), Architectus’s No. 1 Bligh Street, Sydney, is a highly sustainable office tower, achieving a 6 Star Green rating from the Green Building Council of Australia. It is a compelling 29-storey conversation about the potential of architecture to merge technical, material and natural solutions to deliver super-efficient spaces attuned to people and the environment.

No. 1 Bligh embraces the technical and functional qualities of glass as a major contributor to the aesthetic and ecological performance of the building and its success as a social environment. A fundamental aspect of the design, the double-layered glass skin plays two key roles of concealment and revelation. Depending on the time of the day, it shrouds and protects the occupier from the harsh sun, or invites natural light deep into the heart of the building, revealing unparalleled views to the harbour. The transparency also invites those outside to gaze deep into the building, accessing the mercantile theatre of the day.